So I was thinking the other day that hijaabis don't tend to have a lot of choice when it comes to evening wear. It usually ends up that we have to layer like it's winter in Canada and sometimes it just doesn't look so hot. A BIIIIG majority of designers for evening wear go strapless nowdays and it really drives me loopy. I can never find anything nice to wear, especially if it's for a special occasion ie wedding and the likes. So I'm going to start designing and, insha allah, making some hijaab-tastic evening attire that I hope you hijaab-savvy chicky babes will feel inclined to purchase. Time for some variety, yeah?!

The two stripes at the bottom would be a type of rouched pattern sewn into the bottom of the dress.

A tiny hinto of a train, layered or lace, not entirely decided on that yet...

So watch out for my evening gown designs and ideas. Insha allah I'll get some going soon.

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