Yay! I have finally finished Z's dress - all stitched, all fixed, all done! Alhumdulillah!! Complete with a V.I. Couture tag, I'll be sending this puppy ASAP. Then I'll be starting all over again, this time with my entry for the Spotlight competition insha allah. Can't wait! That one will be up for sale once finished so it'll be fair game.

Here are a few pics of the finished product.

By the way, I was trying out the black and white function on my DigitalSLR. Good times! A little bit of amature photography...

So, next one!
5 Responses
  1. Sakeenah Says:

    ooooooo it looks so pretty!!!!!

  2. Eloquence Says:

    i absolutely adore the dress mashallah

  3. sister this is stunning mashallah :)

  4. *~Ange~* Says:

    its an aussie abaya! so gorgeous! i cant believe you MADE that

  5. Alysha Says:

    Thanks guys! Glad you like - I think I might have to pump a few of these out to sell. Got a few designs ready, each unique. Can't be couture if they're not!

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