At the moment we live in a nice yet slightly tiny one-bedroom apartment in the city.

Good points

- I'm always really close to the city

- I don't need to pay for parking cos I can just walk in to the city instead of driving

Bad points

- I'm sewing on my kitchen's breakfast bar

- My dressmaker's doll plus all the bags of material I've suddenly accumulated take up quite a noticable amount of room in our lounge room

- We don't have any extra storage space for this new hobby of mine

So therefore I am sooooo happy that we are buying a 3 bedroom house (insha allah) that will at least have one room for my sewing machine and a huge garage for extra storage. It's only just a little tedious having to balance on a high-stool whilst trying to sew a full length ball gown. Plus I have to make sure the kitchen is super super super clean so I don't end up with onion on the satin. Just a tad annoying. Plus I end up with strands of left over material strewn all the way through the apartment. Is really not that easy to clean up 'cause it sticks to my carpet that in itself is a pain in the patooty to clean normally. In other words - let's get'a packin'!

So leading on. Here are few more sketches.

The dress Carey wears in the Sex in the City movie inspired this one. You know the one - the one with the massive huge flower on the shoulder. Plus this one has a little more of the 'Flower Power' feel.

This dress is one of my more unusual designs, leaning just a little to the right side of random. I like lace though...
So now to get packing...
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