Whilst in the middle of pinning and tucking my sister's formal dress I found myself contemplating what I would wear to my friend's wedding in September. Dressing for a wedding can be such a hassle at times and it all depends on a combination of the following: place, time, season and formality. Urgh. It's almost easier to be picked for the bridal party - that way whatever the bride sticks you in, you're set. No worries. But since I am not part of the bridal party and the chances of me finding something long enough to be suitable enough are next to none, I thought I would just make myself something instead. Good practice.

So I contemplated the 4 elements:

Place: beachside town in Queensland

Time: mid-afternoon til late

Season: end of Winter leading into Spring (which, any Aussie would know, in QLD means mild hot to bloody hot. Winter doesn't truly exist)

Formality: I believe it's not as formal as full blown ball gowns and tuxs but not as informal as jeans and a nice shirt. So I'm aiming for something in between.

Now I love the fashion of the 50's - the skirts and dress are just so cute. Plus it reminds me of Grease. My brain started mulling over a few ideas and I landed upon something that had Sandy at that school dance floating across my creative vision. I'm a big believer in 'the cute' and thought that, in a lovely, bright yellow or something similar, I could make it suitable and applicable to all the aforementioned elements.

So I came up with this concept...

Now I'm thinking a floaty, sheer material with matching lining so that it has a soft look.
The hat/cap/scarf is almost 30's in it's look. Will have to play around with that.
The little stole thingy would be removable and completely sheer.

With some pearls and a cute little clutch, I think I can make it work. Won't start on this one yet - have a few more projects after my sis' formal frock but keep your eyes peeled. Am pysched about this one!
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  1. Turn this stupid fat rat yellow!
    Ahh Ron, silly Ron :)

    -cough-Harry Potter nerd-cough-

    Anywho, I love your aspiration to be a designer! This dress looks lovely and I'm sure you'll rock it ^_^

  2. Alysha Says:

    Haha - cheers. And yes, I confess that one came from my nerdish obsession with HP as well...

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