Hello and Sallams peeps! Hope you're all groovin' and enjoying my recent ventures and sketches.

Totally unplanned though, I will taking a short hiatus (only a couple of days) to complete the book I've penned. I've recieved feedback from my two lovely critics and will be doing some tweeking of the last two chapters before I send it off to my editor. Can't wait! It's been a long time coming but now I'm on a roll. Have got at least a third of it's sequel dot-pointed out in a little notebook in my handbag so I am ready to roll.

Also, my sister has asked me to make her a pocahontas-esque outfit for her to wear for Relay For Life next week so her formal dress is on the back-burner and it's into the mind set of Cowboys and Indians for me. Already done the top so the skirt shouldn't take much longer. Fun times.

So until my book is tweeked to my liking, you may not hear from me for a few days at least. Insha allah though I will be back with some more sketches and hopefully some more updates on the formal dress front. Till then, have an awesome last two days of the week! We're over the hump!

Alysha xo

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