Let's face it - nowdays you find very little fashion that is bold enough to go loud. Loud patterns, loud colours, loud designs. The 60's and 70's were notorious for their outrageous use of colour and patterns. Each piece was determined not to be outdone by the previous and as a result there are some seriously mad colour combinations and very strange patterns. I once found a little chinese-collared sundress that had teeny tiny patterns of cement truck on it. Random, I know. I almost bought it just so I could have a dress with tiny cement trucks on it. I swear, the fashion designers back then used everything and anything as inspiration, which turned out some wicked, albeit random, results.

With this in mind I went Etsy surfing. Oh dear Etsy, I have not paid thee much attention recently. So, anyways, I went trawling on the Etsy website and found some awesome pieces that fit this particular vein. As before, I have put them in my favourites which you can view on the right of this page in case you see something you are particularly drawn to.

I admit it, I am a pink freak. I love this one purely because it's a pyschotic shade and is enough to give anyone an epileptic fit. I would so wear this.

This one is mad. It's like the skort concept but taken just one step too far. Strangely, this one works for me. Violent purple interrupted nicely by the skirt thingy really does make an oddly appealing ensemble...

I chose this one merely because it brings home the "fluro is fantastic" idea. I love it both ways.

It's pinstripe gone crazy. It reminds me of one of those Magic Eye pictures where if you look at it long enough you see a 3D unicorn. I like it because it's just strange enough without being totally outrageous.

I think now I'm going to go think up some designs that could totally make use of the LOUD concept. Then I'm going to go raid my local Spotlight. Let's get LOUD peoples!!
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  1. Maryam Says:

    I want an abaya in that purple color.

    These outfits are very pretty =)

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