Getting in line with the Flower Power, love child, tye-died aspect of vintage, I've decided to start Hippy Weekends. Some of the stuff I'll be putting up is a little random, all tassled and big buttons, but that's what Hippy Weekends are for. So stick on some Beatles (the really random stuff like "I am the Walrus") and pull out those purple sunnies. I most certainly have.
Going a little Pocahontas here. Tassles - check. Big V-neck decos - check. All I need now is a hummingbird and a raccoon.

This is just a little bit of random. I had those little fluffy dangle balls in mind for under the bust and a thicker material for this one, in a light colour though.

So that's the start of my Hippy Weekend segment. Now let's just see what they turn out like...
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  1. *~Ange~* Says:

    i love hippy stuff!

  2. Alysha Says:

    me too! I've always loved it!!

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