I couldn't stand the waist. The waist was too high and it made it look like it had humungous hips. Yech. So I *carefully* unpicked it, which is soooo difficult with satin not to make a mark, and re-sewed it. It now looks much better. I started on the back so the pics I have today are all inside out and ugly looking, pins everywhere and whatnot. This is the tricky part because I have to make sure all the side seams are lined up, the straps sit right and the tension is good. Don't want a saggy back, that would just be unattractive.

So here we are:

Am going to be busy this weekend so the stitching won't be happening until next week most probably. Then I'll be sending it off for a fitting. Insha allah it won't need anything major done to it!!

Enjoy the weekend!

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