I love Jane Austen. That woman was a genius and her absolutely gorgeous works have spawned film after film after film dedicated to bringing the world of Austen to life. My favourite is not exactly original but I lurve Pride and Prejudice. Plus I get to imagine Colin Firth in a wet white shirt everytime I read the part where Lizzy and he meet at Pemberley. Anyone who has ever een the BBC version will understand.

I also love the fashion, the long flowy empire-waisted dresses of that era that just exude the feminine. And can so be made to be hijaab-tastic.

So here are a few sketches that have been modelled on Austen, as just a little bit of a tribute.

This one will have a bit of a gather top part and more of a straight body than an A-line.

This one is actually a one piece that looks like a 2-piece. I love the long jackets that they use a fair bit in the 2005 film version, as shown in this pic...

And so there's my inspiration for the day. And just if you were trying to remember what Colin Firth looked like, here's a refresher -

Colin Firth will always be my Mr Darcy!

Yay for Jane Austen!

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  1. Beautiful sketches as always xox (masha'allah!)

  2. Maryam Says:

    Ah, I love Austen's books.

    people call me weird, but I love the way they dressed during this time.

  3. Alysha Says:

    I don't think you're weird! I love it too - probably why I love watching those kinds of movies so much!

  4. Masha'allah great sketches!


    Finished Pride and Prejudice a month ago and watched Sense and Sensibility wayy back.

    Nineteenth cenutry England or "Austen's" time has such lovely outfits that can be so inspiring.

    I'm a bit of an Old England freak :)

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