Last night and the night before I decided to attack the skirt portion of my sister's formal/prom dress. No mean feat considering the material is quite heavy and the train is meant to gather at the top. Given that it is a dove tail train, that gives the bunched up part of the top only a tiny little bit of a traingle to grab onto. Fun times.

So after a number of pin stabbings that threatened to leave bloody fingerprints all over the green satin, I think I managed it. However (big oops coming up), I believe I have made the waist line a little too high. I was aiming for the hips but now it's actually on the waist. Bugger. I really really really hope that if I unpick it it won't destroy the material. Easy does it, I think.

Anyways, here are the updated pics in regards to my attempt at an olive satin masterpiece.

Now it is missing the top part of the back for the moment so this isn't the end look by any means. The train will be a little shorter (after hem is done). Does the waist look too high? I think it makes the hips really stand out. Will have to remedy that tonight I think (it's driving me a little crazy. Proves that I am a little of an obssessive perfectionist at times). I do like how the train has fallen though.

Once I've done the outer part of the dress I'll be sending it up to my sister for her to try it on. Really wasn't wanting to do the whole thing, lining and all only to find out it need some adjustments. My fingers don't deserve the punishment that only my unpicker can dish out.

So that be it for the day. Will fix that waist and post the outcome ASAP.

Alysha ;o)
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