On my way home last week I found myself stuck in the airport for 2 gloriously boring hours with nothing much to do but people-watch. Given that I had not slept the night before as I had been desperately finishing an alternate skirt for my sister, I was absolutely buggered and needed some stimulation. Let's just say the wing 4 of Brisbane Airport is not exactly Heathrow.

So with a jumbo coffee (first on in a long time which explains it's surprisingly strong effect on me) and a new A4 art diary I purchased from one of the airport's newsagents, I decided to throw down some ideas to keep me from falling asleep and missing my plane. Mind you. the idea of passing-out was tempting, considering I was to board a dubious looking Qantas prop-plane; however, after practically sculling my not-quite-hot coffee, I took out my diary an started sketching away. Here's what that coffee-induced haze produced:

Personally I like my caftan/abaaya inspired piece to the right. Again with the foofy sleeves! Plus, great in the Aussie summer!

I have a thing for frills - big chunky frills - as demonstrated on this skirt. This would be a high-waisted two-piece.
I have a few more concepts but I thought I'd just save them for later entries...

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