There's one thing you should know about me - I don't start small.

I've always been somewhat of a closet designer, sketching away on my art diaries, but nothing has ever come of it. Until recently. My youngest sister is currently in grade 12 and will therefore be having her formal/prom at the end of the year. She wanted something different for her dress, not just some thing off the rack that will probably end up being the exact same dress as a dozen other people. Designing and having their own dresses made has become somewhat of a trend in late years. So I volunteered to design her a dress. Don't ask me what happened next because I can't quite remember myself. It's all a little hazy. All I can tell you is that all of a sudden I was making the dress too.
Now considering the first and last time I ever had a sewing lesson was in grade 8 and I made a fashionable calico bag which I promptly lost on the last day of school, I can sufficiently say I was not prepared. So to prepare I could have taken some classes at the local CIT college or started with something small like a pillow case but then again, who the heck wants to make a pillow case?? Already got enough of those plus boring. Nope - what I did was go straight for the dress. I thought "seriously how hard can this be??"
So I bought a sewing machine, a dressmaker's mannequin and all the bits and peices I might need, like chalk and pins. Mind you, all the expensive stuff was 2nd hand - I'm not that psychotic. I looked at dresses I had, figured out how everything was put together, bought a little book just incase I couldn't figure something out for myself and made a mock-up of my sister's dress. Mind you, it doesn't have lining and it's not sewn together how it will be but it was mainly just for style purposes anyways.
My other designs are mostly vintage inspired as I have only recently discovered the awesomeness that is vintage clothing. For my sister's dress I combined old Hollywood red carpet with Marilyn Munroe's famous white dress. All my designs are patternless (who needs a pattern??) which, according to one of my friends, is insane. Ah, who wants to be boring and to-the-book anyway? As I said, I don't start small and obviously, don't keep it simple. I've gotten quite into the whole dressmaking, designing thing and now I'm planning on designing and making my own line of clothing to hopefully sell online and off. I've already made 2 more dresses that are for a themed party and have chosen the above name for my line. I hope to put up more sketches and pics of my finished projects soon.

Here are some photographs of my sister's mock-up dress plus the sketches that go with it. Mind you, the mock-up is made of much heavier material than the end product will be. Let me know what you think!

Didn't end up having the v-back...

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    WOW thats amazing i love it!

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