Ok, I'm not talking about the song but at least I'm in the right era. Purple is HOT right now. I myself caved to the overwhelming presence of this colour that I went out and bought some seriously cute purple peep-toe pumps. Try saying that 5 times fast.

Now being that purple is the colour of the moment, I thought I'd go a-searching for some purple vintage inspiration and here's what I found...

Gotta love the boho style...

I love the simplicity of this belt

I'd stick this with some jeans. Again - belt!

Now I don't wear hats, but if I did, I'd definitely wear this. So cute!

I love a foofy sleeve. I'd also wear this with jeans. And maybe a belt...

And here are some shoes, just to top it off...

These are all the rage right now anyways. It just keeps coming back.

So these were my pick for the day. Awesome thing is that if you like any of these pieces, they're available at etsy.com for some really good prices. I've added these ones to my favourites list which is on the left side of this page so you can find them easily. Enjoy!

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  1. *~Ange~* Says:

    love the first dress

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