The Maxi...

Since making it's return to the more popular fashion circuits in the last few years it's now taking a distinct vintage turn, angling more towards their predecessors of the 60's and 70's. Being that these dresses are freakin' fantastic pieces that are usually splashed with poignant colours and have the potential for use in any social situation - dress it up or dress it down. Easy!

I myself have enough maxi's to have a closet for themselves but now that I'm hooked on vintage the originals are way more interesting and for all my hijaabi sisters who find it hard to find something modest and awesomely wicked, go vintage baby! The true vintage maxis are the true inspiration for a lot of my pieces which no doubt has been seen in a few of my earlier blogs.

Here are some that I've just located on - they're all in my favourites incase you spot one you love too much to pass by. I'm definitely inspired by caftans - love love love them!!

Very Farrah Fawcet - I have a thing for pleats...

My love of puffy sleeves is definitely no secret and so I just had to post this one


I love this one in all it's love-child glory. Very summer suitable.

The sash on this reminds me of one of my silver dresses - gotta love a good sash

This one's for my abaaya wearing sisters - love it, no?

So now for one of my more recent designs. It's a little more unusual, possibly good for evening wear, especially with it's skirt.

Fellow hijaabi-blogger Ange of Hegab Rehab has also recently done a posting on the fantastic-ness (I know it's not a word!) that is the maxi.
So what's your favourite vintage style?? Not sure? Check out etsy, let me know and maybe I could whip up an original design based on said style. Yay for new inspiration!!
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3 Responses
  1. Fi Kazi Says:

    Wow these are beautiful. Can you make something for larger women? And men?

  2. Alysha Says:

    I could definitely try! I'm mostly making for women - I don't have too much experience with the guys but that doesn't mean I won't!

  3. zainab1 Says:

    As salaamu alaikum sister I am new to your site I loooooove these maxi's you have posted here , I am soooo into vintage ! , cant wait to see the rest of your collection, Insha Allah . Keep up the good work. As salaamu alaikum.

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