Etsy, how do I love thee. Etsy is probably one of the most awesome websites I've ever come across. It's a vintage/handmade lovers paradise. And you can buy it all. But first I must explain how my love affair with Etsy began...

It all started a couple of months ago. I was meeting a friend for coffee in the city when she, knowing my unusual and sometimes downright eccentric fashion sense, suggested we checkout this record store that apparently had a nice little vintage clothing section in the back. Having never suspected that this store was anymore than just a record store, I had never actually stepped inside. So I did.

That changed everything.

I blame my current vintage obsession and creative explosion on that very moment, the moment I stepped inside that dimly lit record store with it's Beatles and Rolling Stones shoulder bags hanging from it's walls and it's rows and rows of records and CDs. Right at the back was my downfall...

Mind you, it was only the downfall of my savings account.

Right up the back was a small number of racks that housed a myriad of colourful and at times unusual clothing pieces. Everything from cute little pale pink cocktail dresses from the 50's, to long hippy love-child dresses from the 70's. There were even some fluro abominations from the 80's (which seem to be making a comeback in the mainstream stores. Once was bad enough, peoples). Anyway, since that day, I have only been in there once and not bought anything. It's a bad bad store. I told my friend this. So what does she do?

She sends me the link to Etsy. Evil woman.

This store has not only vintage clothing but vintage everything. One day I went on an Etsy blitz. Spent a whole bunch of money (I will never visit that site if I am in danger of blowing up my credit card with debt) and inspired me to get creative. Seeing all those other people selling their awesome creations online, coupled with the fantastic-ness that is vintage clothing (I know it's not a word, but it is now!) I began creating like crazy.

So thank-you my evil friend, thank-you to all those crazy people who never threw their clothes out, even after 50 years, and thank-you Etsy. Oh how I love thee!!

By the way - the website is Enjoy!!
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